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CIC is what cost?

Maritime Southeast Asia, there are two common surcharge:EBS costsAndCIC costs. ,CIC explained what cost and why there is a CIC costs, CIC is the cost, CIC Who pays,CIC costs other instructions.

CIC is what costs

CIC是英文"Container Imbalance Charge"的缩写,Chinese meaning“ContainerImbalance surcharge”。

Why is there CIC charges

Understanding of the CIC is what cost,Also like to know how CIC costs generated.

Seasonal changes shipments uneven world route cargo transport,Western countries increased trade before Christmas,But at the beginning of the off-season. ,Such as China and other East Asian countries export goods to Europe far more than the reverse of goods. ,Different standards of shipping, handling fees,Also caused an imbalance between import and export containers.

How much CIC expenses is

2011CIC cost of Xiamen to Southeast Asia generally: RMB900/20GP, RMB1800/40GP,RMB1800/40HQ,Other ports and route advice consult the relevantFreight forwarding.


CIC Who pays

Xiamen freight forwarding understands CIC costs generally by the consignor(Consignor)Commitment.

Other Description CIC costs

China's exports to Southeast Asia Container excessive,In recent years,Shipping companiesCIC costs levied on Southeast Asian routes. ,CIC cost is FollowingEBS costsAfter,Exported to Southeast Asia, a new surcharge. ,A reasonable increase in surface shipping companies,Actually the Overlord fees. ,Can only accept. CIC is what costsAnd other issues,To learn more about shipping CIC or surcharges,Contact with Xiamen freight forwarding Near



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